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ing to straighten the uterus." An hypothesis that needs to be
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Society was held at the college-building, East Concord Street,
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and whose conquering Hercules seems slow indeed in arriving.
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to the Century, Army and Navy (Washington, D. C.) clubs.
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Through his instrumentality the first New York Orthopaedic Society
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is the case, it would suggest surprise that more medical theorists
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wounds of the abdomen, according to Ferraton, is 13 or
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main characteristics : the extremity of its fragments is sharp,
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Having obtained this desired knowledge, he presented
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gestions toward the diagnosis of coccygodynia. To detect an
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In considering the hygiene of the standing position, Dr. Don-
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shot may be crushed over them. The sound is then withdrawn.
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Among the "early and faithful," however, were Dr. I. T. Talbot
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The late Mrs. Samuel B. Rindge of Cambridge has left a legacy of twenty-
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ined, with the light from a window upon the opposite side, then
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Operation; Recovery" (Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology, Sept.,
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Dr. Browne was taken prisoner in the latter part of
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JOHN VAN DOREN YOUNG. M.D., well-regarded physician of
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sition of the uterus, which was only slightly elevated by what
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maintained for from three to six hours. The value of this treatment
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stomach, kidneys, chest, or nervous system. In the second class the anaemia
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suturing ; a splinter that has pierced a nerve should be
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of a great city at a time of unusual excitement. The lessons of life
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same pathogenic force which each medicine possesses. Medi-
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2. This trance state may last from a few moments to several
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its third edition, breaking the records in such matters. The second
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have their origin in the nucleated red blood corpuscles, which are normally
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of anaemia the efficacy of preparations of iron is much more uncertain and
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Lee, commander of the Confederate forces. General Lee
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would be useless, these splinters being either adherent,,
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" Ballade of Beauty," and affects one much as would the spec-
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His operating-room is a model for aseptic work, and his
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served an apprenticeship of two and a half years in a drug-
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the European hospitals and eminent colleagues, and he
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six cases of alcoholism, examined post mortem, showed decided
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gree of Doctor of Medicine in 1891. He has made an exclusive spe-
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much that is of historical value. The report is a model of

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