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dition that they should be devoted by the University to the
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oieneies. but in a work of such excellence it is almost hyper-
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screen to divide his bed from the others, which was as far off
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right hon. gentleman, but it was nothing of the kind. X Commission
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Cross Hospital; H. J. Price and J. C. H. Leicester, University
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the same Committee regarding further desiderata in the
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1 in West Ham, 1 in Leicester, and 1 in Birminphara; .5ij6 smallpox
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practical demonstration to be made at the hospital of the
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that leprosy is most prevalent in the most poverty-stricken
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single stain in bringing out aU the structures in the section
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heartless calculations of loss of service by the careful
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curators-Fiscal to conduct such inquiries in public, aud give publicity to
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don. (Vi .Mr. VV. Vincent, London. W Mr. C. Wallace, London ; Dr.
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prise, St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; A. .T. Malcolm. St. Mary's Hos-
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school board boy, but the Government of India have tried to
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success in aid of the fund at St. George's Hall, Langham
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tioosastothe presence of two surgeon major generals in Malta, one of
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according to M. Broca, most cases operated upon under that
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meeting of this Society is not only an agreeable opportunity
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phoric acid seems to me to quench the craving for fluids-
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aMeadance of the witness. The present looks like a case in which the
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Dr. Glovee called attention to the large number of rejec-
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London he knew of nine cases of advanced ectopic gestation
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visited. The Congress terminated with a dinner at the Con-
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which has 98 per cent, of its population vaccinated, I find that
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to the .Aurora. May ai-d: Francis A. Jeans, Staff-Surgeon to the Gnlalen,
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but how this conclusion was arrived at does not appear. To
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small-pox. Four deaths from measles were recorded in Paisley. The
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peated three times, with the same results. Mr. Hehner, a past president
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Board, residence, and allowance for washing provided, .\pplications
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simple theory, and substituting facts for fancies. He is
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glandular structures and lupnlinie grains. Emphasis is placed
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is almost untouched. It is not often that polities and
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pressed tabellfe. Thyroidin elixir is prepared directly from
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over half-pay, but supposing there to be no change, he might
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to me, the chief being that, when the lung collapses, not only
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or perhaps probably, a death by syncope, that the heart in
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Professor Eeb, of Heidelberg, who was selected by the

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