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science bearing upon agriculture. These books are free to the public

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lishing in all three hundred and eighty-five articles upon injurious

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On the Author of the Theory concerning the Secretion of

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facts gained from personal experience. A " question box " is frequently made use

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nothing of consequence was dope unii) the year 1B03, when

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three weeks after that operation, but before four months had

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had just been distilled, was saturated with indigogene. Its

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triangular edge might be the result, having a curvilinear side.

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secretary, Allen Chamberlain, Tremont Building, Boston.

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of canal building, which is the construction of State works, will have

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since been free from the pains, for any long time, although I

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At these meetings the care of the poor, the infirm, the deaf mutes,

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Industry and to the proper State authorities. When contagious

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ducted in North Carolina and Florida, with a view to the successful

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is urging for the South, and for the seaboard States in general. A great national

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from 1800 to 1890, inclusive, in the four principal cut-flower markets.

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Texas. Heavy rains inMinnesota caused injury to spring wheat in that State and

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It has been objected, that the test of nitrate of silver will

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been planted by the experimenters, as well as 43 varieties of "direct

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tural chemistry in its fullest development will only ask of nature to f ur-

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terial gradually removed later from the bowels was al-

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saving of time and a considerable improvement in quality and vigor,

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College, on the culture of the sugar beet. This was the beginning of

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standard, or 5 feet 6 inches, which was the gauge of many Southern

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F. W. Smith, 700 South West street, Syracuse, secretary tuberculosis committee.

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are subject and the evils in which they are likely to result.

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issued press bulletins, which were widely reproduced in the agricul-

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a national association, which speaks powerfully for interests represent-

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demonstrated to be good. It has been an industrial element upon

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attraction, as sensibility and irritability are from extension and

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also in other valleys of the Pacific coast. The rapid settlement of

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outcome of years of experience on the part of those interested in "

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the effect of habit, to rush unprepared from one extreme of

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