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cles ; finally, the disease extends to the arms, where we find the deltoid,

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of greatest bodily activity in the male sex. (3) Embolic plugging of a

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Rutimeyer has pointed out that in many cases the great toes are turned

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medical duty. He spoke of the Hughes Club and emphasized

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In the application of any of these measures it should ever

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Prognosis. — This is bad, as death may occur suddenly from abun-

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dication for intestinal antiseptic and astringent remedies. The oral con-

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various causes — inflation of the stomach, external tapping, neuroses,

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are alcoholism, heredity, climate (temperate or cold climates favor

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other symptoms simulating la grippe, cerebro-spinal menengitis,

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pressure (carious or malignant), primary lateral sclerosis, progressive

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aorta, and the next most common the coronary arteries. Other vessels

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that act as bearers of the disease. Apart from the use of supporting

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ance, and the pathologic process touches the trophic centre so

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