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the vesicocervical bands and crossing them, thus joining a

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the men who are best fitted for this work are engaged in other enter-

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Connected with the absorbent and exhalent systems, is the

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Six drams of the pulverized root has been given under my

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proved the presence of large numbers of these spores. Bert after-

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general from the mineral kingdom. " Thus, after all, we must attribute

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the United States Geological Survey with the forest reserves is

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strength and success in studies embracing the highest reaches of

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was seen the mark made by the beak of the gorget ; and, on

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merely as a conjecture. It would have been easy to have as-

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nies. By a Professional Planter. The second part of Mr.

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and individuals, $2,366; for seeds and bulbs distributed to Members

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dipped in cold water antl a moment's repose, remedied this

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creameries and of whey from cheese factories, which were absolutely

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reducible to any laws in such a condition of what is called a

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is the Daily Weather Map. The primary object in establishing the

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Let it be recollected that this was done between the 17th and

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forming the Union were settled within easy reach of navigable

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brospinal fluids. All of the patients were afifected

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to the iris, is comprehended, either entirely, or in a great mea-

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each State within its borders was unquestioned, and two of the States

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the wheel ; in the second to add more water. In the former

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sible for the disheartening litigation which prevails so widely.

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William Dandridge Peck, who commenced to write in 1795, was our

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kind of air or spirit. Galen (130 A. D.) discovered that the arteries

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logy of the spleen, by observations relating to its slriic-

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whether a disorder, with these symptoius, to which the tacuity

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intentions of the framers ; and, by some very extraordinary

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urges the liberal use of seed because an acre of clover will produce 2

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to stop the current of the blood ; and a ligature should, in

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are, since they have affinity in soine points and dissiuiilarify in

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plete, but it results in the practical elimination of

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awaits attention during the winter. The botanical work formerly

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to the effect that, in suspected malignant growths,

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Experiment 4. Dry chlorine gas was mingled with the

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ter of clinical experience with healthy sick children

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interposed masses of coagulating lymph, and a large serous effu-

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