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man beings, for the prevention or the treatmer.t of dis-
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immediately after birth. Sixty-five cases were studied
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other cattle with which they mis. But the acceptance of this view is simply an
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svphilis, though differing anatomically, are essen-
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unequivocal, that they inspired as mijch confidence as if they
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ceipt by him of this order. Kraker, David A., Lieuten-
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its action, which is long continued, there are exerted
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serves as an example of the possibility of adapting a tropical plant to
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ovular remnants are retained, how long do you wait be-
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Association of Official Agricultural Chemists. It has related chiefly
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problems, and yet at the same time be safely in the
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result the ensilage of corn was soon practiced in both Germany and
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tongue soon became apthous, and the patient slowly wasted
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in preventing the decay of animal matters is fully recognized by Davy
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of M. Humboldt on the geographical distribution of plants.
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The lumbering is strictly regulated according to the following rules,
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possible product, and at the same time maintain the fertility of his
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volumes in this library, 3,604 titles of books, embracing 9,192 volumes,
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relations which chemistry held to practical agriculture .at the begin-
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for this deplorable state of affairs. First, the care-
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cast the direction and force of well-defined and even dangerous storms
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advantage, it must be employed without delay and with perse-
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qiianiity that was adsninistered, and have, in every instance,
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at Ithaca, and the books on agriculture in the main are kept in the
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with the success of their arras, the enthusiasm and spirit of
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present a series of lectures on public health to teachers
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Although some tobacco was grown during the time of the early set-
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home-grown. All the cucumber seed except that of the French
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portunity of comparing them. This child was about two years
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and forage crop, and is now being grown and used in essentially the

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