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[Communicated for the New England Journal of Medicine, &c.]

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the first intention. With a view to the more certain attain-

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ral quantities, till the symptoms are under control, or we are

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In this connection he cites seven cases of persistent en-

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cast-iron plow would "poison" the land. Mr. Coffin remembers the

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other. Next a tooth harrow was employed, and this was drawn one way

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Japan clover. — Japan clover was an accidental introduction from

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Parr, m.d. Fellow of the royal societies of London and Edinburgh, and senior Phy'

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sion of the germs into the left testicle. This case was

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Mazamas, The. — President, W. G. Steel, Portland, Oreg.; secretary, Frank E.

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the last year of this century, shall present to the reader a picture of the develop-

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most frequent after those upon the intestinal tract, and

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source of national development, the public highways.

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out any appearance of natural fjeces, and of the thickness of

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In a general view of the whole subject of the use of saline sub-

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matter. The Division of Agrostology is experimenting with home and

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cases are caused by gastric or duodenal ulcers, but

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is solid, may at another exist as a liquid, or be resolved info

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is absorbed and carried into the system. He founds his opi-

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undergone some great change. Labour occurred four days

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be used, either directly or indirectly, for paying the salaries or wages

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tion and a slower relaxation ; red muscle shows a shorter

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The culture of the blackberry is still in its infancy, and compara-

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The ioiporrance of this remedy will be better understood,

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was gained, should the two first arguments be admitted in all

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which show that these soils are never deficient in phosphates, but only

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with clay. The walls had no plaster, the windows had no glass, and

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qii'on doit faire im ouvrage d'anatomie ; c'est i ceux qui ontle

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The work of the breeder in improving cattle, sheep, and hogs is a

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At the head of this system stand the Department of Agriculture

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tion of the divisions in the office; by a considerable extension of the

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contact with it during the period from February 1 to November 15 of each year.

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