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him between eight and nine in the evening, and found that he

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denominated the "Farmers' Institutes of Massachusetts," and several

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call for more than the " regret" you express *' at hearing of

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Western Department, relieving First Lieutenant Hor-

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it is natural lo such animals that this power should be called

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held to this opinion thought that the contagion was explained by the

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the crop season of 1899 varied from week to week from normal conditions of corre-

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saving to the eight townships under consideration was $35,214, a sum

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experiments on wild birds recently caught; (3) examination of stom-

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Boyer's Surgery, vol. 2d, translated by Dr. Stevens - 209

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cough has been more severe. It has, ever since its birth, had

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food is made up of injurious insects, so that it must be regarded as

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The final result of the work conducted by the Division over a period

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which the Division of Chemistry was a pioneer has commended itself

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given to tree planting, and the great amount of work which has been

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''from the time of her appearing in her ordinary state of health.'*

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"plain condensed milk" was first introduced and put upon the mar-

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to the improvement of the most useful and ^"^i^^> <^j,i^P are,

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Brig. Gen. A. J. Myer, February 9, 1870, to August 24, 1880.

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United States was far in advance of any other country in the variety

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sun and rains for weeks and then suddenly attack in the most viru-

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employed on the islands, the number of eggs gathered was simply enor-

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logist are v/ell defined. Living matter is the property of the

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early in 1887, there was presented a report on certain grasses and for-

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2 Eighty Years' Progress of the United States, p. 37.

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ledged that he had had that disease before marriage ; assuring

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XXXII. White Burley tobacco: 1, Flyer, or trash; 2, good leaf; 3, red-top fillers 432

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delphia to Lancaster, Pa., a distance of 60 miles. The charter was

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tended and occluded, while the spleen was greatly engorged with

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of tropical islands by the United States has brought many inquiries to

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by arthritis. Streptococcus rheumaticus, Strcl^tococciis mu-

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pened in the same season with those above mentioned, a re-

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