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In Wisconsin a list of "good books for the farmer" is now sent

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suit of game can not be prevented, and it is useless to attempt it. It should be

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As blue grass supplanted blue stem, and golden corn supplied winter

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tain amount of planting on a small scale is now done by farmers in

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bered 910, with a capital of $145,313,997 and 42,544 employees, receiv-

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This address is made somewhat more elaborate and complete than those of the

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later similar action was taken in Cuba. Sufficient instruments and shelters of

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in this way than by soiling, the extra labor and expense of cutting the

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towns into two or more districts and to appoint one district firewarden

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not so well, and continued failing, till the 16th he died.

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relation of cachexy to dropsy is very well shown. Many other

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under glass have been a considerable factor in the rapid development

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was imposed by act of Congress of July 1, 1862, which took effect

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One of the best known of such selected pecans is the Frotscher, the

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firmly with one of the three threads which compose the smallest

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products, an issue we were able successfully to meet. In our sheep

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different branches of the United States Government.

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or desire to cooperate with the Division. The reports received on

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proved a total failure. The same idea has, however, been revived

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an average of 320 convicts in Langston Harbour, was 40.

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esting and promising variety of wheat procured outside of the State,

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most important of recent publications ; also collections at Harvard,

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gam cequinociialem orhis ncvi collegerunt, descripserunt pariim adum-

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of maximum power and capacity, a day's wages of a common laborer

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The principal inquiries during the year were upon the following

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fast as they are received, without an opportunity for our investigators

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ready access to schools, churches, libraries, and entertainments. The

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both being merely " rlifferent modifications of the same fa-

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to collect and disseminate information on the road subject, to conduct

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nounced in the New England Journal of October, 1816. A

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the human species, and resemble the barbarous nations of the

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with the other tribes. The progress of the Hereford has been for-

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report recommended as a standard series of entrance requirements for

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