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Division of Biological Survey.— Biologist and Chief, C. Hart Merriam;
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by external causes of disease, must be those before enumerated.
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books on agriculture and rural affairs in every county. The citizens of the county
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mers recorded thirty cases, with twenty per cent, of
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beef men take these cattle in preference to all others, and my lesson
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Clinical Notes on Patients from the Middle West Af-
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are the source of great inconvenience. If they are useless,
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ties in Maryland, Virginia, and one or two other States, are omitted:
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the hernia had no connexion "with the tunica vaginalis tes-
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can be reduced to about $3 to $5 per acre. His method was to sow
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first moment of its existence, and is nourished exclusively by
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long since abandoned. It is certain that in the near future the prac-
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but the pathetic side of the picture was seen in the bitter disappoint-
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piunicate. DecandoUe has published a second edition of his
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As might be expected, the diagnosis at that period was far less accu-
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sors into the iris a second time a little obliquely, and im-rae-
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to become bedridden. Mitral stenosis is an incurable dis-
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sickles, hauled to a barn, and at some time before the following spring
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True it is, that the demand was erratic, but when it came it was a
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every State, no matter whether an order has ever been received from
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but, in the mean tim6, whatever treatment the subject may re-
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was not satisfied with the result obtained, and was per-
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students in all the courses, it is impracticable to show by statistics,
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of the gland has led to a great diversity of opinion.
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the cowitch, an amalgam of tin and mercury is commer;ded.
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of potash and muriate of silver. Thus the same weight
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tion to the fact that a manure which furnishes only one constituent
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plants of this kind. Japan lilies also began to attract attention, and
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owners, who are enabled, by following the directions accompanying
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section of the Old World or the New. It was far different at the end
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cess of two years' work against the insect in Purdy's Fruit Recorder,
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accorded rigid protection by the superintendent of the company, but
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\ Medico-Chirurgical Journal and RevieWy vol. iii. p. 179.
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great number of cases which have come under my observation,
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observed in the red corpuscles of Southern cattle, but these points

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