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be definitely separated into classes. Each of the stations has, how-

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rock, or key containing guano, upon filing a notice of such claim and

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of the grasses used to-day, and says that they seed freely. Flaxseed

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When we consider the vast difference in the urine of healthy

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An interesting experiment is being conducted at Suminerviile, S. C,

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engaged in acquiring a knowledge of agricultural science.

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agricultural journals about injurious insects. Two years before the

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which will be of great value as cut flowers during the early fall, combining size

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and are associated with other disturbances, such as a high

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works he quotes largely ; but even he will not allow fhem the

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comparison of the results of phenolsulphonephthalein

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sence of this substance that the difference in form, exhibited by

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effects of a less quantity than a scruple, which was adminis-

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thing else, are unanimous in the opinion that no indications of

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followed by vesicatories or issues, calculated to begin and

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the iron horse came into action that it is almost impossible to estimate

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The application of chemical research to the problems of the alkali

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line phosphates, such as those of soda and potash, as being excellent

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tions, and is therefore one of the most difficult to eradicate of all the

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the field they work under the supervision of trained foresters, espe-

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plainly felt ; the eye that was dull and glossy regained its

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ten years this view was urged by various scientific men, Redfield

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similar, says Dr. Meade, to fossils in my possession from

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ment in the work, but according to the affinity of their sub-

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fine groundwork for future research ; and, even at present, the

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tive and valuable races are the result of continuous selection through

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Special agents for the Bureau of Animal Industry have visited

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findeth his life shall lose it, and he that loseth his life for

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was investigated by Gamgee in 1868 and 1809. In the meantime an

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dence of infection in ten. of which three had fever. The

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of the New York Society for the Promotion of Agriculture was received

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through the boiler and thence through cast-iron pipes to an expansion

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these animals that were then exhibited in England, and were

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Introduction, under the Division of Botany, $20,300.92 was expended;

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for they were not more powerful than those of an equal dose

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products. Considered in this light the funds used to improve the

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and skim the milk on the farms and haul only cream to the factories.

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culture are largely made up of forces emanating from other countries,

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River, Lake Tahoe, Santa Inez, and Prescott reserves, with a total acreage of

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