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wards received the degree of Doctor of Medicine : —
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for these distressing occurrences ; but were we to hazard a
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numbei'S of birds, and instructions were promptly issued prohibiting
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gations and the manifest importance attached to the subject. Some
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obese, with good bony and muscular development. Over
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inquire of the first surgeons and accoucheurs, in this kingdom,
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money, as well as to provide subsistence in their camps and transportation over
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tion, there was water in. the thorax and abdomen as well as in
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It is intended here, however, to request attention more par-
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concerning plant diseases, particularly as regards their causes, or in
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attention was first directed to the damage done by birds to crops, and
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With respect to its seat, it seems to be well ascertained that
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Deputy minister, E. C. Watson, St. Johns; secretary, M. Harvey, St. Johns.
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marks on tic doulQtireux,'[ chiefly with the view of recom-
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urine and excrement. Still another conjecture was that the ticks, with
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"* 7\. ^ ^ c^ B co ^ cS ^ co co co ci co co co co co co co S3 So ri
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tically all the results to be expected from them after many years may be gathered
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to receive it carefully, much was lost. No one will believe,
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placed at his disposal by citizens of Sitka. In spile of late planting,
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Plowing for fall seeding was exceptionally well advanced.
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ried on in this country during the past twenty-five years, but, owing
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rived from his staiion, as a publick teacher, he implanted in
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acid under pressure. In a few moments the starch is converted into
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While in plums the American seedlings of the European and Japanese
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den and ready to invade when least expected, even when
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appropriation bill approved June 10, 1872, provided:
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the immediate, as well as the more remote causes of meteorolo-
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not found access into them. The raucous membrane of these
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degree of excellence by such firms as V. Vermorel and others, Ver-
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determine ; but, as the solid salt is more effective in tbe pre-
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with clay. The walls had no plaster, the windows had no glass, and
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manures came to be understood^ "Artificial fertilizers," made accord-
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tion, and think it does honour to Mr. Williams, and the state in
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pearance after a few cathartics, the result may be favourable ;
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(the patient was a boy eight years of age) being "rapid pulse,
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thor, and its adaptation to the facts which were at that time
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by observation alone, and in order to clear up the mysteries and obtain

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