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to similar institutions in foreign countries, important libraries, and
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copper has been introduced into the manufacture of bread, and that
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practical knowledge will be obtained, and nothing is so instructive in
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lated, and in which five or six words give all the data which would
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again used to transport, store, or shelter animals or merchandise.
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In speaking of the derivation of soils from rocks, he says: "The best
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gist and his "Enemies of poultry," 1899, has shown the evil results
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of hydrogen, or the phlogiston of Kirwan and Priestley, in the
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beween the Department and the stations in other ways, including
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cago. The Office of Experiment Stations and the Association of
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Last volume of registry contained about 18,000 registrations; previous volumes
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the accuracy of which we can rely, particularly in hospital
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mater. Some of the vessels of the pia mater were nearly
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ers know that they not only must not, but can not, rob the soil of its
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fever; (3) that Northern cattle pastured in a field where no cattle
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Analytical methods have been criticised, and some new methods and important
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commended, unless opportunity occur to make trial of mercu-
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indigogene, and this fact, therefore, is adverse to the opinion
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John F. Gardner, of Lynn, " On Hydrocephalus internus."
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remarkable from having been induced by external violence.
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of coffee culture in Puerto Rico is well worth careful investigation and
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ture. The observations which I then made have been fully
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his assistants, and the first report of their work was made December 3,
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For publications of the Weather Bureau requests and remittances should be
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also facts showing the almost complete reliance of the cotton, rice, corn,
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President, O. L. Watrous, Des Moines, Iowa; vice-president, Thomas Meelian,
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subject, within the last six months, is the second volume of M.
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" In dropsy, arising from viceral obstructions of long conti-
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ordinary vaccine, which demonstrated that the former produced larger
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these latter is a volume of the essays published in 17G0, which bears
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with adhesions holding it down and thus producing severe
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the stations has been largely along the line of nutrition. The most
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nued discoloured and tender, and a considerable yellow mucus

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