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An accident occurred to Dr. Warren, in performing the

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The tomato. — The tomato illustrates well what can be accom-

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that seldom worked in harmony, and nearly all other lines that were

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difficulty, in consequence of the softness or powdery state of

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and that the animal has the power of whistling through it. He

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most frequently from six to ten fingers breadth in length. Its

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Plant diseases in the United States in 1899 _ _ 750

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continual and last advice; — Plant the most mature and perfect seed of

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leges in Michigan, New Hampshire, Connecticut, West Virginia, South

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for stock and to hold the growing timber as an investment for the

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after the first or second application, a great heat and burning

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and vegetables have been conducted at several points along the coast.

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greatly accelerated by exposing this organ to a cer-

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Sweet corn was not catalogued in the early days of the century, and

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seems to have gained a firm foothold in southern California, and during the past

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remaining useful in certain cases to hasten the dis-

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juice on the surrounding parts ; and the surface of the stomach,

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tion, but besides overcoming shock, the adrenalin seemed

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cian has necessarily been directed to it from the earliest periods

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the three ligatures under different circumstances. On the right

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breaking into the breeding districts of the West, slowly, it is true,

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State employee, Mr. George Compere, was sent to Hawaii to collect specimens of

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cultural Society, Detroit, 253; Michigan State Agricultural College,

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could not understand the difference between positive and negative

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However congenial the work of the breeders may be to them per-

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culture, published in the reports of the Commissioner illustrated

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As more or less connected also with this part of our subject,

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his fingers, took out this nail or tack. I examined it, and

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On dissection, the stomach was found perforated in two places,

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1887; by Professor Upton on practical astixmomy; by Professor Hazen

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venience or expense unless the animals were going to farms from

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every indication that the United States will produce its own sugar

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