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The work of the State governments relative to animal diseases can
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ative work in crossing corn. An interesting field is offered here, as
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We would not accuse the Professor of plagiarism ; but the following
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to the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital. Baltimore, Md., May
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devoted to vegetable growing, dispose of their products through spe-
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England and the Southern States, the toll system also proved unsuc-
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and pain in the head, which had from time to time been re-
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with practical deductions, drawn from a close and constant aitention to this^
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The process of inflammation is so intimately connected with
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Number of cigars manufactured in the United States in 1SG0, 1S75,
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society, enacting that a State entomologist be appointed by the gov-
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densis) is a fine variety occurring iu the Rocky Mountain regions
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consequently of the hippo-campus minor, can be regarded as
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p. m. Besides these 1,000 telegraph distributing centers, the forecasts
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eration into its principal component parts, we have
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than five per cent. Chyme is neither acid nor alkaline. When
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laminae are thus agglutinated, if they can be unfolded. He
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was great. In his fourteen reports the great majority of the inju-
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stratum, of ether is a very light brown or protably
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ing stuffs for animals, up to the present time, is likewise grearter than
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mons into the stare of madhouses, &c, has exhibited, in a
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traced back to the closing years of the eighteenth century (1770 to
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One branch of the subject comprises a study of the chemical compo-
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every attempt to fix it. Recourse was again had to a plug.
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The second lecture discusses the question of the origin of
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Preliminary Report on the Kite Observations of 189S 2, 000
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tion of their life histories; studies in the breeding of insects, espe-
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proceed to Seattle, Wash., and report by telegraph to
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colleges for technical education in agriculture gradually made their
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Flore des Antilles, 1808-1827; Basilius Beslerus Philiatri, 1613, the
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injecting 160 drops of it into the jugular vein of a dog, the ani-
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Col. A. W. Pearson, of Vineland, N. J., who was one of the pioneers
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*' On examining the urine in six patients before ihey began

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