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arrangement of the whole Grammese, with descriptions of the genera

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Being for the service of the public, those in older European countries

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system in the getting out of the great annual catalogue. 1

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was at least of doubtful utility on most soils for the staple crops, and

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ary 25, 1912. union sound; strong callus; limb straight —

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skepticism and opposition were not greater than might reasonably be

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imperfect that they would be a source of amusement if the evil results

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Horticultural Society, Cambridge, Mass., 350; Botanical Gardens,

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treated by close ligation and the use oi alcohol. One

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it was put on the market under the name of Hovey's Seedling (fig. 23).

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found favor as coming midway between the light smoking varieties

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■was only a condition of plethora, an excess of blood circulating in the

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substantiated : the experiments attempted in order to demon-

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very fine filamentous elongation is ascertained to be the head

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covered, that violent inflammation had existed in many of the

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has been made since the introduction of the system. The first estab-

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the number of volunteer observers engaged, and the publication of a

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To meet the growing demand for vegetables and flowers, these ten

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include all the birds of the continent from Mexico to the Pole. In

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gation engineers, 5; in charge of substations, 16; secretaries and

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far as practical and general purposes are concerned its historic

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doses of calomel, in combination with opium, in dysentery,

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Two or three drachms of mezereon bark, boiled down with

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exhibiting a golden yellow colour, but no distinct crystals.

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oak stumps may be seen from which repeated crops of sprouts have

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The disorder, known by the name of typhus, or typhus

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orders; the author's own conceptions of the subject are

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and novel part of the work, it is thought unadvisable to pro-

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o.xygen anesthesia ; opened widely, curetted, and made

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ever, that wherever the Bureau of Animal Industry has irndertaken

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of continued fever, v/hich is daily gaining new advocates, has

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the distinguished Dr. Heberden, in the London Medical Trans-

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tion, in part at least if not in its entirety. It dem-

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Agriculture in Puerto Rico. Reprinted from Yearbook for 1898 2, 000

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in the presence of nitrogen, phosphates, and a small amount of potash.

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have little value, and, as in the case of the Alacran Rocks, in the

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within a few years. The rich valleys of the mountain and Pacific

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