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of their work. Among the first to undertake work along these lines
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United' States and equal to some of the best in the Old World. The
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three or four drops each of the ammonia and the arsenical
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lent. On the sixth, he was suddenly taken with great difficulty
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water flowed from springs near at hand, and in them the milk was set
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Creamery Association of Eastern Pennsylvania. — Secretary, George R. Meloney.
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uses and nature of this species of cloud, Mr. Forster remarks :
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A Case of Alarming HcBmorrhage, from the Extraction of
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quantities, but his symptoms had become progressively worse.
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part of the trunk ? * * * Still you must bandage the butt with the same uni-
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difference as to whether the. right to water went with the ditch or with
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stitution and condition of the soils, but it has modified the practice of
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of the ordinary pressure in the direction of the heart, necessa-
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that the constituents exist in definite proportions, and that the
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gion, anterior and posterior and the scapular, dorsal,
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country, and there is where we need bulls. I utter this criticism in
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had just been distilled, was saturated with indigogene. Its
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upon their report when a counter report came from the butchers of
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scale in Page County, Iowa, by the legislative consent of that State,
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Berkeley were developed with reference to their use for experimental
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Then came the shelling of the corn, which is one of the marvels of
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to which the different remedies in use are severally applicable.
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value in all alkali-impregnated soils. A more extended cultivation of saltbushes
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f^isai £d 2-: a: 3 ?? 1- oo™r?"~S x«QU5io6ci& xi rv 3: ?t cv -x 3 2 ?S
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telephone to about 1,000 centers of distribution, thence by telephone,
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quality and increase the yield of our agricultural products do not
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Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, Joseph H. Brigham.
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The United States raises practically all its beans, and most of
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and the demonstrations of the germ theory will stand, as Harvey's
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Lemmings. By Gerritt S. Miller, jr. Reprint. 10 cents .. 1,000
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In 1868 the chemical laboratory was removed from the Patent Office
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led to the purchase and partial protection of 244,000 acres of forest-
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ties ; and observes, that there are m.any follicles in the lining
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one point at 1,065. The direction of the flow of the fluid
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planted to vineyards, and for a time these produced remunerative

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