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The importance of being able, unequivocally to recognise

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fortunate Abelard, who lives only in the numbers of the poet,

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Case V. The subject of this case had suffered severely

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Sea; the travels of Douglas, Nuttall, Townsend, Maximilian, Audu-

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the science of chemistry upon a sure foundation some twenty-five

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magnesian phosphate, equivalent to 3.65 grains of carbonate of

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vania in 1897, and Colorado in 1899. Killing game for sale was pro-

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In Minnesota 50 farmers' institutes are held of two or three days

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bulletins and reports issued by the Agricultural Experiment Stations of

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the States farther south spring houses were in vogue; milk received

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The heavier leaves and those slightly damaged or of uneven oolor

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Affiliated foreign society: None. Eligible to registry (only for members of the

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the Ohio Valley and lake region a large part of the crop had been cut and some

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reached Portland alive. These were liberated at the mouth of the

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and for miscellaneous buyers. The following table shows the mag-

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1897, and 82 to 83 cents January 1, 1898. A single cargo of rubber,

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atic application of the hygienic treatment : helio-

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fifth meridian. In 1895 the printing of copies of the evening maps

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and printed in a bulletin for popular use. In a revision of this

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that it may occur in a very profound sleep, without breaking

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eight to ten years ago, and cost about $120 for 1,600 acres. The custom of raking

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nant epizootic catarrh; pysemia and septicemia; mange or scab in

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of Great Britain and Ireland; Yorkshire Coach Horse Society of Great Britain and.

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serum. This treatment should be given only in definite

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a greater degree of uniformity in these matters will

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when completed, would be of professional rather than popular interest.

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while irrigation is as yet in its infancy. The reclaimed areas, though

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the theory of the action of tuberculin is supported by the

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work as organized. One in charge of A. B. Hostetter, superintendent

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(1) The teaching of agriculture in schools, colleges, and universities,

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remark, that the discordance exhibited throws a shade of ob-

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various special machines in use. On the large farms of one Califor-

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tion, and having gained a large array of additional data from personal observation

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foreign demand is here to stay, and it is a most important factor in

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