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College of Philadelphia. — Over one hundred graduates
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derniers operer des lesions difFerentes de celles quails pro*
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1819 at Chelmsford, Mass., where Rev. J. L. Russell transplanted a
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geometry, calculus, English, German, Latin, political economy, his-
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was punctured on the 18th day, and its contents, which consist-
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the Northern animals, and the latter, not being accustomed to their
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ing or dangerous in the disease. From the general aspect of
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ed, according to circumstances, 1. By emetics. 2. By purga-
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culture. Many of the lectures given by Sir Humphry Davy were on
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in the States of the Ohio Valley. Considerable progress was made with plowing
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by heat when applied in the maimer in which it is usually employed
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previous disease : on the other, the nurse has suspicious symp-
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To wait with the treatment of digitalis till the patient is
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Fig. 1.— Chemical and Biological Laboratory of Kentucky Station.
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stations of this country is not measured alone by the number of pro-
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of misguided persons to prevent the eradication of the plague. Com-
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more recent experiments of Stromeyer, and after him of Gehlen,
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of the Mississippi, corn was being planted as far north as southern Nebraska, and
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system, and the tax imposed upon those who were compelled to use
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ence of peculiar constituents of each, which permit a formation of car-
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in forming the sap or organized parts of the plant. * * * Vege-
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and their combined capital over $7,500,000. Hundreds of miles of
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day he was still free from evidence of gonorrhea. The
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foreign demand is here to stay, and it is a most important factor in
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ferred to the eye clinic. There was complete paralysis of
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assistants. Of these books fully 75 per cent are strictly agricultural.
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An accident occurred to Dr. Warren, in performing the
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In the stock yards of late years we have had remarkable instances
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grasp, particularly by the clinician, of the import of
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gives him the sensation of a much higher temperature.
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to have been diseased from the use of that article.
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cockroaches may be infected by large doses of viru-
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Henry E. Dosch; treasurer, Lloyd T. Reynolds; commissioners, Wilbur K.
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complaint. The chalybeate waters are those from which we
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the forerunner of the American Farmer, which seems to have had a
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its nature. Even supposing the amalgam to be actually pro-
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tion toward the improvement of farm animals; breeds of cattle noted
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less than 50 stations in 1871, but this number was increased in a few
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its were sought elsewhere. Finally, Congress was induced to take
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be extorted by the mere force of excitement. There are, also,
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corpora lutea ; and a differential diagnosis must be made.
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it has been sufficiently extensive to enable rae to judge tolera-
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Many miscellaneous facts concerning worms, which infest
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land during the last season, and was reported to have been troublesome also in

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