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seedling's. These figures show the marvelous extent to which hybrid-

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ceps in searching for other vessels, as the stump was very

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Yations, that we have, unfortunately, but little room to spare on

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Many most important rivers are interstate streams. Some of them are

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orous specimens for the final crop. His labor was repaid by the wood

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sold in any one of these cities is simply enormous. D. G. Elliot, writ-

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After the alcohol is formed it is separated from the mash by distilla-

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Tobacco. — Tobacco was another plant indigenous to America, and

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man's paper came to my knowledge, in the following case of

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The White Cupid was first discovered as a chance sport on the seed

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ment. He exercises advisory- supervision over the agricultural experiment sta-

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Those candidates, who have been approved according to

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the United States. For the prosecution of this inquiry small sums

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This Division has been making a careful study of plant nutrition,

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product, because of the patronage of the dairy industry by that Gov-

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Knees "were a little stiff and bladder "felt heavy." One

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seems to indicate that congenital influences are most

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1865, and 1868, he published an annual report in the "Transactions

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insect (Blastophaga grossorum) which in the Mediterranean coun-

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home by a Parisian nurse, had, a few months after birth, a

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to faulty feeding, is a case in point. Here we have

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were studying in this way. One of these clubs is shown by fig. 1,

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such a case, the means recommended under the first method,

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tell a severe disease at first, and the approach of death in disea-

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conducting from an upper to a lower stratum. The cirrus too,

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well secured and fastened, as no trembling could be perceived in them,

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to the study of this question. His experiments seemed to show conclu-

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undertaken systematically and scientifically, and in 1894 Gilbert H.

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tleman at Philadelphia, in " bearing deliberately our decided

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London. These advertisements, however, soon after ceased, and in

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On examining the womb, it was found to be very considerably

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Mich., 3,700; Columbus, Ohio, 1,000; State College, Pa., 1,800; Knox-

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country east of the Rocky Mountains, very heavy rains fell in the Red River of

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