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which lie between these valleys are the home of cattle and sheep, but

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tion excluded organic disease. Her friends thought it im-

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contagion. From a medical point of view the most plausible theory

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italists. The establishment of turnpikes and the maintenance of

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any station or organized body in the United States to undertake a

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quantity, but on the varying state of the animal system ; and,

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in irrigation works, it is now proper to point out their defects. The

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metallic salts and oxydes are dissolved, it was presumed that

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.-hiirrican Medical Association for ]\Iarch Q, 191.2,

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1873 and 1874 there was a marked tendency to advance in knowledge

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We furnished the trees for the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad (now

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place in the corpus callosum, its appendices, and the convo-

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A serious fungous disease is affecting the sea-island cotton. One of

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technical and in the way of interpretation. Doctor Jane-

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types of such accidental crosses. Very many of the best races, how-

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cotton wool for freeing a stream of air from microorganisms; Pasteur,

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purpHDses in some hospital, with the idea of proving

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with tincture of green soap and water ; it is shaved,

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report was chiefly remarkable for the large number of stomachs

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this danger led Congress in 1884 to establish the federal Bureau of

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importation and by hybridization. Experimentation of this nature is

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reports came from Massachusetts and New York, and only a dozen

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ing every year, and their great value as soil renovators and cheap

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By means of canning and preserving the farmers' market has been

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the nurse returned, and brought with her, her nursling, the

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and that she had been similarly affected about a fortnight be-

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of importation or birth; after that time, double fees. Transfers, $1 to members,

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*' with great care, it is proved in a manner incontestable, 1st. ■

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means of inducing the artificial fever, and the effi-

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Investigations on the food and nutrition of man include the study

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the cases, where substances, eaten by a female, give their taste

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winter of 1868-69; hence, it follows that Mr. Walsh's first and only

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These regulations, supplemented by the inspection of animals in

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corpus callosum, the fibrous structure of which he had demon-

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other things being equal, the more square feet one man can handle.

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and Offices, and also indicates the new lines of scientific inquiry

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tages over narrower ones, and in many cases they were made 300 to

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