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branching and recurvate. There were three branches on the
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subcutaneous administration is also recommended. Results
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which will make us more able to cope with this sit-
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started some ten or twelve years earlier. It was the result of a cross
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causal factors of certain mental diseases we already
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ing ample light all through the alcoves. The minimum of space is
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tors are accepted as being due to hereditary influ-
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tion of vaccination in France, found, recently, on opening the
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little and there a little, but no where in sufficient quantity for
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tises on the itnportant subject of which it treats.
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if a case is operable or inoperable. Such are a few
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impetus in 1891 by the formation of the American Carnation Society,
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and their membership was largely composed of men who had only a
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exhibiting a golden yellow colour, but no distinct crystals.
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inversely proportional to the percentage of nitrates in the soil. The chlorin occurs
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necessary extended experimentation in order to insure safety to
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Northern wheat fields to the cutting of rice. So far as methods were
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gift and purchase, a considerable number of works on agriculture."
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volvement of the pancreas does not necessarily preclude
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the child ; its position in the uterus from being perpendicular
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that the seed is planted, while the biennials must be kept over winter
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become skilled in their professions." This institution was incorpo-
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crop has been obtained by the aid of irrigation ; that not only has the
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result obtained by the rest. TJie latter is more im-
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will be in libraries and in the homes of many farmers a series of
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covering the several features of road making, and for these there is
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violets, owing to the great amount of work involved in cleaning the
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For many years the parasitic disease of sheep popularly called scab
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the farmers' market has been promoted and elaborated in recent years.
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of one of the early irrigation canals in Utah is shown in PI. LVI, fig. 1. )
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was continued annually thereafter until 1878. The ineffectual work-
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and as yet not practicable outside of a hospital and then
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The Minnesota law is very similar in general effect, but there is
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the Northern susceptible cattle, and thus tended to lessen the spread
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ably under the facts. The published statement of the census of 1890
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of improvement when careful selection is exercised. The systematic
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Wi=;., was reelected president of the Wisconsin State Eclec-
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art, in whom sheer devotion overcomes all obstacles.
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The Serum Treatment of Swine Plague and Hog Cholera. Bui. 23. 5
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export fine creamery butter to Great Britain unless measures are
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centa had adhered, was very plainly discernible. This part
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bring to our aid many lines of work. Plant breeding will enable us
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