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water through the politeness of Thomas Foster, M. D. of

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in the establishment at many points of buildings erected for the sole

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cheese exports rose from 10,000,000 pounds in 1850 to 15,000,000 in

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prevailing ideas of a dry form of milk (desiccated, solidified, or pow-

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upward, inosculates with a cirrus or cirro stratus above ; then

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it has been found almost impossible to get them. The Western agri-

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qualities of the Ballston and Saratoga waters. We shall now

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comparatively recent date, made further additions to agrostological

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transport them out of the State. To remove a condemnation tag

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of cold. The only exception to this rule is, where the child

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from the seedsman as they could save themselves, and at less than

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cers to use their best endeavors to bring about the

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vegetation, or such other evidences of the agricultural value as can

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and opportunities. This has led to the broadening of the work and

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gravel, covered with peat. In this valley a number of springs

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trated catalogues find their way every year into rural homes. They

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mountains .and its aqueduct carried along the rocky cliffs below; the

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be found in the waters of the Flat Rock, the Columbian, in

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Treatment of Smuts of Oats and Wheat. Farm. Bui. 5. Reprint 500

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silent. Ir is possible that carbonate of soda, and the muriates,

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ers know that they not only must not, but can not, rob the soil of its

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publications of the experiment stations are grouped together to form

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ing the use of belts, thereby predisposing to the very

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ever, is cut clean in order to reproduce the ground to spruce. On

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of the cerebellum, more particularly the variety of appearances

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" well as its perforation, can be produced by all the corro-

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The reports prepared by Dr. Collier on this matter and appear-

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placed at his disposal by citizens of Sitka. In spile of late planting,

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There was little advance in the knowledge of this subject until 1856,

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missioners, Thomas A. Rice, H. Weinstock, Benjamin M. Maddox, A. Block,

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The Apple Aphis (Aphis mali Fab.). — Many cases of injury by this common

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scale is referred to carbonate of lime, which he considers as

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same; the stockholders receive a fixed rate of interest on their invest-

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much relied upon as a specific. In the liver, as in other vis-

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within reach hard rock from which good roads can be made. Other

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