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which still remain on the statute books of three or four States are

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had stood in the way of a successful industry. At first the work was

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with hydrocyanic-acid gas, and in New Jersey, where Professor Smith used

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triangular edge might be the result, having a curvilinear side.

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two or three eases, and these at rare intervals. The result has been

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cotton would grow as well in Virginia as in Italy, and the author of

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* mortality of all ages ; and this being 1 in 40, [for England,]

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renders it a less satisfactory substance to use than some of the other

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economic entomology. The introduction of Novius ( Vedalia) cardi-

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not be obtained, and no toxine could be given; massaged

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above a certain temperature or when it contains visible

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Arts, Durham: Two terms, twenty exercises each; general instruction.

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MedicO'Chirurgical Transactions, vol. vii. part ii. 8vo. pp,

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first, on the fact that growth from the original focus

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c. An accidental and transient stale, in which some vegetables

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enabled to keep his plants in better health and could therefore greatly

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the white, as " absurd," and unsupported by " the shadow of

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composition of the extracted juices. It was found that the juices

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RuFUS I. Cole, of New York, classifies pneumococci into

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much difficulty in swallowing, either solids or fluids. I believe

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stitution and condition of the soils, but it has modified the practice of

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square feet in all. New York has the largest number of establish-

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when it came within reach, was found to be unusually enlarged,

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Land Grant and Other Colleges and the National Defense. Cir. 40 2. 000

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inoculation with the blood of an affected animal, while the blood of

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.[Self-registering Instrument to record the pressure, temperature, humidity, and wind velocity r>f

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The grape has been very much improved by American cultivators

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being to subdue the infection, then correct the deformity

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several of the papers comprised in this volume, but the frequency of

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branches of medicine, quickly tend to become stereo-

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liar to the seasons and not contagious, may be referred to the

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German ports rather than their direct importation from this country.

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ber of species ; yet many of these are accompanied with such

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observed gout to commence with the symptoms which denote

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a punched out, round ulcer, with almost perpendicular walls,

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The theory, which, after some time, succeeded the specula-

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been extremely ill, began to recover. It seemed as if the dis-

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especially be called as worthy of consideration for introduction into

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netism, on storms and storm tracks, and on clouds; and reports by

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been secured on the Potomac flats, through the courtesy of the War

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venture on the adoption of a practice somewhat corresponding

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or the character of the supply. What has been done has been to pro-

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