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cattle, although carrying the contagion, were harmless unless infested

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But the destruction of herons has been, if possible, even worse. The

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Government of promptly and effectually meeting the emergency. Fortunately,

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of Tennessee and the Carolinas the crop suffered from drought. Haying was

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essary at the creamery. Then, for butter making, deep setting of the

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Iu addition to wholesale commission houses, there are in some larger

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increased from $151,587,638 to $494,247,467; but these numbers do not

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planting the seed from which the present agencies for forest protec-

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civilization far beyond the limits possible when the mule-hauled

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and the same year decisive results were obtained in controlling sev-

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The United States has been able to assist other Governments in their

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in suggesting lines of action looking toward prevention. Parlow's

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that the sheep of the American continent will find the spots where

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ances discovered. The stomach had not the least mark of in-

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In October, 1814, says the author, I forced seven large vi-

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testimonial lias been sent by the spontaneous action of appreciative

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Peach-tree borer. — Eemove the soil around the base of the trunk, put in a com-

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ing, and are scattered throughout the country. They prepare and

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ed, a puff of air escaped ; but was not followed by faeces s

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of the following classes: Vegetable cutters and crushers, 701; ferti-

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obtained in 1827 a charterfrom the legislature of Maryland to construct

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tions; the series of experiments with supposed insecticidal native

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They are oviparous, and the same species are fouiKJ in other

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The condition of the agricultural industry, as indicated by the area

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which they ensue after administering the medicine, or the actual

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ing the service over that region, and solicited the cooperation of the

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tant contributions were also made by Edwards, Forster, Latham, Bar-

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Bureau. The table on the next page gives the figures.

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decay, the changes which they work in the media in which they grow,

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During the year applications were received from 123 owners in 35 States for the

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Frst Lines, accept my grateful acknowledgment. I equally

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for them diligently and patiently in many cases and have not

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