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the state of the atmosphere over the United States, and this enlight-

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In the cases arising from scarlatina, in which the urine is co-

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.furnishes works on domestic science. The legislature in 1898-99

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ward and unseasonably low temperature prevailed. In the principal com States

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forest management in the United States occurred on the land of Mr.

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Eligible to registry: Animals whose sires and dams are registered.

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Central Park, New York; the skylark has become acclimated on Long

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food that are appropriate for people in different conditions.

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missioned and other officers of the United States Public,

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to registry: Only such animals as are determined under the regulations of the

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come in contact with other animals, perhaps to communicate the

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different times of the day, as well as different methods of preparation

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medy ; but to do this from the jugular vein was extremely ab-

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the Hawaiian group, which has been thoroughly explored, is known

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had responded to the efforts of the colleges in this direction many

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prone to produce excessive irritation at the point of

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leading to the irretrievable loss of this most precious

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though testicle still enlarged and hardened ; headache and

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acid in a watch glass, evaporate to dryness by a gentle heat ;

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several years ago, anticipated here, either by Mr. Hare or by

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had been away from the infected district seventy-four days. This

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A German Common School with a Garden. Cir. 42 -. 15, 000

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shortly after President McKinley proceeded to establish further

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Our farmers and fruit growers are intelligent, quick to perceive, and

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was obtained in this way. Among the recent hybrids may be men-

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The Plum Moth (Grapholitha prunivora Walsh.). — This insect which is some-

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been effected by all the labours of preceding chemists. The

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Potato Diseases and Their Treatment. Farm. Bui. 91 30, 000

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account, with other articles of deep interest to the agriculturist of the United

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once in several years. The fire is set in winter or early spring, when

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