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cieti/ of New-England, January IH/i, 1817. i??/ George

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ammonia threw down a white, and potash a deep yellow pre-

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expert force with sufficient clerical assistance has been formed. The

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the operation, I had the satisfaction to find, that the pains had

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places, and the irregular appearance of the other modifications ;

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tleman of education and enterprise, who owns the garden, has over-

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in the success of the work described. Through them it was made

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tionate part thereof, by those who planted 40 acres or a proportionate

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lingering, had a pulse which conveyed a sensation of fulness

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published as Circular No. 22 of the Division of Agrostology.

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California, July 6 to 16. 1913. Fetterolf, D. W., First

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A farmer in Pennsylvania describes his method of protection as

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If such inspection and certification is authorized by Congress, the

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animal, an Illinois herd marketing in December a lot of wonderful

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The beautiful valleys of the mountain and Pacific-coast States are

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years, and not infrequently a novelty will reach the age of two or

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day he was still free from evidence of gonorrhea. The

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Peroneal Artery successfully treated by Ligature - - 397

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reports and in agricultural and other journals. There was an increas-

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experiments which might contribute to ascertain the advan-

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however, to support this general explanation of dropsy, and as

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The following are the rates, in cents, per 100 pounds of live stock

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The statistics immediately preceding, as well as the others in this

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and chemical causes tending to the production of mildew and rot.

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at a low cost. This suggests that permanent libraries, largely of State

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in endeavouring to discover a cure for tubercles of the lungSj

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mortar to pieces, and damaged the stove and furniture of the

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brane of cerebral substance, from within white and horizontal

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them in possession of M. Dupuytren's description of its va-

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ning out of the large cities and towns were no exception to the general

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the integuments, as well as the excavation in the bone. Upon

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(5) Expenses of litigation. Experience has shown that in the esti-

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name are alike. It is also true that seedsmen often feel compelled to

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Independence. From the small section that was operated at first by

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