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Recently steel siding has been used in place of wood for the outer

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is a great increase in the fat content of the epithelium

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ing improved cattle from abroad ; but Shorthorns have been so gen-

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The railroad structure provided a way for the wheels of a vehicle

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relation of cachexy to dropsy is very well shown. Many other

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tains a series of valuable papers drawn up on these lines. Thus, there

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ed. Shall the mother impose on her tender infant a severity,

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It appears, therefore, that the process of pasteurization is at least

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pounds brought together, so as to constitute aggregates; and

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in favor that ten years later the imports amounted to 200,000 tons.

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and it takes a superhuman effort to stem the tide. You went to a sale

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As departments of the colleges receiving the benefits of the land-

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vitations from Atlanta, Ga., Atlantic City, Chicago,

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Fruits. — The first apples raised in this country were possibly from

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young orange trees despite the strenuous efforts made by the growers to protect

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Estimating the average retail value of roses, carnations, and violets

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from pain at the commencement, elastic to partial pressure like a sponge ;

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ber. Meanwhile, it certainly is of great advantage to the

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It is said lo be a native of America, Switzerland, Spain, Por-

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results of investigation or experiments; to indicate from time to time

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J. S. Presl," published in the Tenth Annual Report of the Missouri

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total of eighty-four reported to the end of 1912. A

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to the centrifugal force. In 1843 the same author ascribed the great

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pulsation of the carotids; respiration, 24. The measure-

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tents of the whole primae vi^ to have become vitiated.

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feet of glass, is third. The estimated value of the establishments in

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insoluble. He was the first who recommended the use of sulphuric

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observation and experiment, and have wrought out in library and lab-

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possibilities of the gardener were greatly increased, as he was thereby

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which it was passed, the Treasury Department ruled that no money

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its work more prominent. The work of the association is, in fact,

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complete series of injections as advised by the au-

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ress over by far the larger part of the United States.

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ods is to meet with success; if it does, the third step in the evolution

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of instructors have made it possible to more efficiently organize vari-

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