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Within the week past I have detected enough of hypocrisy

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table seeds; and 50 acres, flower seeds. The remainder was distrib-

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Louis, demonstrates lantern slides which are reproductions

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New settlements sprung up in every direction, and important towns

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in different parts, in distinct masses, leaving the surface of the

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the institutions, $6,046,500.16; buildings, $15,185,476.95; apparatus,

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swelling bigger than a pea, which proved to be a cavity filled

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tives, and the operation began in 1827, very soon after the beginning

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American Forestry Association. — President, James Wilson, Secretary of Agri-

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golden fleece. Wool goes up, then follows the sacrifice of mutton.

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particularly to secure early ripening races. To accomplish this he

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long continued constipation, and the amount of fecal ma-

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grasses of Texas are described by Mr. G. Lincecum. The laying down

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are on subjects distinctly agricultural. They are divided as follows:

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determining the final freedom of the system from the

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parents are free from any symptom of syphilis, or any mark of

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Boards of medical officers convened for the physical ex-

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the head of a Division are procured, especially when wanted for an

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increased to two tea-spoonfuls, in order to produce effect up-

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These losses are simply examples of what was occurring in many

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as evils necessarily connected with the frequent use of purga-

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capacity, and experience, is able to give an opinion

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in agriculture was made at the first session of the Thirtieth Congress,

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' more conspicuous by their exemption from sedentary employ-

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cultural Report of the Patent Office for 1849 mention is made of the

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ties of carbon of which the structures of plants are largely composed.

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a year was required before the flax was ready for spinning, bleaching

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plant consumed. If they be considered as necessary to the vegetable,

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number of its combinations, or the importance of its pheno-

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objection would be valid, were there no means of separating

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