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States and upon the expiration of the leave of absence

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The mailing list has been revised and extended, especially among

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The final result is shown in Figure 8, taken January,

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too, which in the pregnant state has so much influence over the

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In summing up the advantages of silage under the system of agri-

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two ounces of honey and enough of water, to ten ounces of de=

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under all possible varying conditions and upon all possible varieties

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involved the expenditure of $1 for every $3,000 worth of agricultural

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source of national development, the public highways.

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and improved from these the industry mainly depends. The first

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St. John's Hospital, Brooklyn, will receive Si,ooo. under

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more than blood-vessels denuded by the action of the gastric

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gems, and others, the greater part of which had never been

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many months without any sensible alteration. In like manner

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eight States, mainly along the Atlantic seaboard; hawk bounties in

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which remains may be promoted by a moderate pressure made

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parts of a light brown appearance ; in others ulcerated through,

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been considered by Congress none have as yet become laws.

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alternate, pyramidal, triunitarian, trihexaedral, equivalent, &c.

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Class B. — Samples in which there are disintegrated trichina? or trichinae cysts,

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Northern wheat fields to the cutting of rice. So far as methods were

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and his successors, Cyrus Thomas and S. A. Forbes, has contributed

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tional disease is produced by the inoculation of morbid poi-

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the body to be extracted." He also advises that, after the

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for the years 1896 to 1898, inclusive, there are 451 titles.

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New Jersey unwittingly brought it to the East upon nursery stock.

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sheep, goats, and pigs. Attempts have been made at several of the

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particular value for cultivation. In this way it is being demonstrated

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homes of their own. The Sacramento Valley has less population now

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serve to illustrate and confirm. Thinking so, I could not pass

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United States to-day, crimson clover ranks high as a forage crop,

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a large rattler and was in a condition of profound pros-

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nous plants is the velvet bean, a native of India. Its range of profit-

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ties in the United States (and in many cases in the world), then

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shipmen, were again severely attacked with this disease." f

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us some novel and very entertaining remarks on a coaipmint

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