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that they knew of no means of accounting for the appearance,

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ber of bird scalps each year in lieu of taxes. In most localities, how-

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patient, however, who, during labour, has discovered strong

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It may be stated in connection with this subject that the library of

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last lecture, never equal more than one-fiftieth of the weight of the

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min Hale, a former tutor in Bowdoin College and later (1827-1835)

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said: 'T have actually written at least the first draft of

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educational line. The education of the young farmer in the district

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The difficulty lies, first of all, in popular misconception regarding

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"Economic relations of Wisconsin birds," by Prof. F. H.King. 1 This

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stations in Alaska. The erection of a headquarters building to con-

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testine in its mesentery. 3. May split the mesentery of

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remained yellow and transparent in distilled water.

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is now recognized as failing in the primary factor of considering the

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be holden in some one of the hails of the University in Cam-

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In the Dakotas and Minnesota, where the thrashing of spring wheat had been

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needed in the work of conquering the wilderness and overcoming the

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should this fail or prove to be an empty dream, the

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The Hatch Act provides that $15,000 a year shall be given out of

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produced by prussiate of lime ; bnt the fletails of the pro(!ess

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very soon after the country became thickly settled. Some farmers

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saved with unusual care. Every precaution is taken to keep the

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In Pennsylvania some 300 institutes are held, with a total attend-

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more profuse it is, the more does it alleviate the fever, pain,

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breathing is at all times hurried, and performed with difficulty-

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led more people to erroneous conclusions than to correct ones. And

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Coubon states that indiflference is a condition that

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the cultivation of this crop was confined largely to the New England

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Stanley, derived from Ladoga, a Russian sort, crossed with Red Fife,

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tioned Mr. Hare's results in the fusion of several of the

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bath, the contents were made to boil, and the ebnilition was

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for it, it was still not wise or practicable, in view of the

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as possible, with a view of solving these first and attending to the

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Cigarette and Manufacturing Tobacco: 1, Dark Mahogany; 2, Light Mahogany; 3, Bright Lemon-Yellow.

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of ensilage throughout the country as a whole. More than half the

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