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cial form of respiration calorimeter at the Storrs experiment station,

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about 1816. This cow gave 44 pounds of milk a day and made 467

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papers bearing on the subject of systematic agrostology, notably

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stock to the possibility of total loss. In view of these conditions, I

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In order to come in touch with private owners who have carried on

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part of the thigh, and bulging out on each side of the tendon

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0iii«wc52<iSs'JC>i?jwS5 rHi-i(&£4c3c3e;c§

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class belong the garden seeds, more particularly those of vegetables

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Experiment Station Work— XL Farm. Bui. 103... _._ ._ 30,000

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until the harm had been done. The report of the committee, whose

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worn-out pastures and ranges by practical methods of treatment.

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attitude of those about the patient, deters many from

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terability of its philosophy. The theories of definite propo-

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Commission of Agriculture. — Commissioner (and ex officio State dairy commis-

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by the urine, is said to have originated in the middle ages,

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and the insistence on secrecy regarding the substance em-

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bachelor's degree, it was urged that the colleges should require the

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gated to receive. They will be published in as quick succes-

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it, aged seven, two scruples of calomel had been given withifi

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death. Patient was advised to stay in bed and was put on

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tooth immediately above it. For some time this, in some good

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essential. A watery solution of sulphuretted hydrogen was

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were the first importers of Shorthorns and Herefords, respectively,

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The description of manual operations, in which there are

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inclined upon a cushion, I placed myself behind him, and with

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ounces of fluid, more than half of which consisted of thick pus.

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the preference which he gives to Cullen's system of nosolo-

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