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Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota,

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In comparison with present conditions, the farmer's life in colonial

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learned its value as food; he learned how to plant it, and also the

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ine solution had been under treatment for nine days,

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diphtheria, occurs in a family, the modern physician

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regarded as due to climatic conditions rather than contagion, and

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their success. These institutes are regularly held in over forty

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of medical science, will be freed from these when medicioej

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other concurrent causes, they have exerted so great an influence in various sec-

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^Synopsis Nosologice, or OiifUne of a New System of Nosology ^ &sC,

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pears. As early as 1853 Hovey wrote: "It is certainly somewhat

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through overstocking of the ranges and lack of protection from storms

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gina was of a size sufficient to suggest the idea that the girl had

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economical value of this control alone is only to be measured by mil-

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the amount of instruction given by the universities in the higher

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New York, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Missouri had on their

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dations of sedum acre, as a remedy for epilepsy ;* M. Chau-

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dangers from high blood pressure are embolism, throm-

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is more likely to proceed from a weak stomach, than a corrupt

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ized in several States, notably in Maine, Massachusetts, New York,

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the nature but the proportions of foreign matter, to the pre-

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Analysis of thf mineral waters of Spa, review of - - 193

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tecting our new possessions against future experiments in the intro-

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in nearly every case, and many of the States are appropriating money

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the pulse, etc., between the limits of 34 to 5'^, or

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Upper Mississippi, and Missouri valleys, northern and central Rocky Mountain

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extends from the bladder to the allantois, one of the membranes

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species to new or special uses, and the general diffusion of knowledge

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and Le Conte are both seedlings of the Chinese sand pear, and from

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rated the smallest, the former procured the largest quan-

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follows scarlatina. In dropsy from other causes, in which the

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ered the best in quality and the most productive of the tall peas. The

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advantage, it must be employed without delay and with perse-

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be holden in some one of the hails of the University in Cam-

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