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Fig. 1.— Field of Silverskin Onions on Bloomsdale Farm, Philadelphia, Pa.

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Cases I to 23: R. STEINER: Beitrage sur ktiniscUer Chirurgie,

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leaving him free to take it home. The purpose has been to make as

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only diseased sheep would come under the restrictions.

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moisture in the soil is an important factor in successful agriculture,

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ure has been successful in protecting his timber land. He also says

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uterine probe causes bleeding. The curette should not be

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Marchal, writing on the subject of applied entomology in Europe,

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such normals can be formed at intervals of twenty-five years, many

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emptied itself into the posterior part. The lungs on this side

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to the application of modern science to this industry. Graduates

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persons in the faculties of the land-grant institutions. The students

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taries can be made to irrigate three times the land now cultivated

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Number of registrations: 716 in 1898 and 523 in 1899; date of first entry, May 9,

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With a few exceptions, the prevalence of fruit diseases in the United States in

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and ossified, and the semilunar valves indurated, so as to ob-

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continual decomposition, and new composition which take

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portunity of examining the circumstances on which it is found-

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corn. Besides this, they are said to have had ' ' gardens of beans, peas,

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duction in his neighborhood. There is thus provided not only an

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insects with reference to their restriction or destruction. Twenty-four

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tion and the noblest institutions. This is the hope which lies fallow

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from inoculation. Yet it would be such as rightfully to influ-

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disease, and the second, and equally or more impor-

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Status of Agricultural Chemistry at the Beginning of the

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an elevation of temperature follow'ing a rectal in-

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Condition of the Insane, and u^on the Interests of those concerned in their

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is a most satisfactory indication that the Department is occupying

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'Agricultural Chemistry, p. 274. "Ibid., pp. 278 and 279.

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Berlin, Md. ; secretary-treasurer, Wesley Webb, Dover, Del.

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history of the leech. Themisonf was the first who wrote on

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operated upon. The clinical basis for this work is an analy-

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Department. Circulars of inquiry regarding the agricultural con-

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also to a lesser degree in this country. But it was not until the late

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principal cities and crossed the Alleghenies in the rear of the wave

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the front rank of investigators on this subject, not only in this country

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which however occasionally happens, and is of much the same

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