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proper understanding of the real significance of the present remark-

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an independent Division, and in 1896 its name was changed by Con-

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'Agricultural Chemistry, p. 269. -Ibid., pp. 272 and 273.

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altogether forgotten to support his claim, by stating at what

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bonale of magnesia, where but one giain and a half were oD-

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among zoologists, harmonized conflicting systems of classification,

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As in the case of most other fruits, the first varieties of gooseberries

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Bradford-Whitman type, except that the abduction fea-

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terse and complete will do more than the extravagant use of adjectives

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Chairman, N. Wentworth, Hudson Center; financial agent, W. H. Shurtleff,

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of the aorta in various degrees is the most frequent appearance,

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1; in charge of substations, 16; secretaries and treasurers, 21; libra-

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Caribbean Sea, were afterward abandoned. In an interesting .article

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The Russian Thistle and Other Troublesome Weeds in the Wheat Region

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the order of business, records, and correspondence of the Secretary's office; of all

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varieties of grains and the effect of a sea voyage and storage upon the

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The stations very generally make use of buildings and land supplied

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ment to get exact information regarding trade facilities in Puerto

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several State legislatures upon the importance of promoting the culti-

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The raspberry and blackberry have been repeatedly hybridized by

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culable. The superintendent of the Florida East Coast Line reports that the

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It will also be the business of the society to recommend the collection of useful

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the crops of certain Western States during the years 1874-1876, existed

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organs, the vascular and lymphatic systems, the skin, the

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much water may be taken for each acre of land under the principle

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miliary tuberculosis ; one died of secondary hemorrhage

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XL VII. Fig. 1.— Field of tulip-flowered poppios in California. Fig. 2. —Field of Prima

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tration shall have been submitted to the Board of Health,

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white corpuscles ; malarial plasmodia. streptococci, and

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" written characters of the size of a fourth of an inch," and

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ness of the disease. Within a comparatively short period 71 per cent

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Potatoes. — White potatoes are a crop of extraordinary increase, the

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