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value of the dairy products of the United States in the year 1899:
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more attention to the scientific side of nutrition, and in a number of
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the tree attains its full development only in the shade of dense trop-
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nearly established tKe general truths, that the mutual attrac-
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diseases of domestic animals, contagious pleuro-pneumonia being
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rate knowledge ? The answer to these questions is as interesting as
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the pericardium." In this case, with universal anasarca, we
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Jefferson's interest in agriculture is best known perhaps from his
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ing the farmers that these results could be successfully applied in
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willing to publish the following statement of facts.
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to the detail of what he conceives to have been satisfactorily
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ceedings of the English Plantation settled at Plimouth, in New Eng-
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argued from the result of one of the cases in this collection^
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state of improvement continued regularly, till the sores were
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man might shell about 40 bushels in a day. Thousands of patents
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tion necessary that we have not been able to successfully compete with Europe
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authenticated, which were locally successful, it is generally conceded
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stock industry is of vast importance nor that it will continue to be a
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tures for a month or more after the Texas cattle had left them, and
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ning of the century. In regard to soils, some general notions of a
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as to obtain the highest price for the material handled. That such a
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In the foregoing pages much space has been devoted to a considera-
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during the puerperal state. The cases have been stated, be-
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' ' Work of the breeder in improving live stock " and that on the ' ' Devel-
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mass of small proprietors tilling their own land can not fail to have a
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Mitchell, Pikes Peak; by cloud heights with theodolites; by kite
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Gulf coast and eastern Texas, while the region from Arkansas and northern Texas
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death, otherwise, than it might be the means of inducing the
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there is only surmise and conjecture. This, however, is known, that
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No nation has ever attempted the free dissemination of agricultural
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the fact of the fibrous structure of this part of the brain " was
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a venture upon this specialty. The fact, however, gradually became apparent
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ing a garden nourish." While many of the failures with seeds have
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form of gout, or on the liver in the shape of bilious com-
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Mr. M'Mahon was also much in the store, putting up seeds for transmission to
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with that degree of evidence which is afforded by a well
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irritation. Labour occurred at the full time. It soon became
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