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and unlicensed term, for, as Dr. Mitchill observes, who ever

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is felt always at the same point ; when that point retires if the

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of tobacco continued favorable except some damage from storms in New York,

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descending mass warms by compression, clears the air of clouds, and

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president of the university, the librarian, one member of the board

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vessel, which were an inch and a half asunder, and both liga*

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258 Amputation, and the securing of Arteries, [July,

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Of peas, most of the hard sorts are home-grown, and probably rather more than

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Imitation Creamery: Ladled, Renovated, or " Process, "all melted and rechurned.

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should be done: Either the arid States' should be placed in a position

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is called to the fact that the soils of the blue-grass region of Kentucky

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plans for station buildings, materials and apparatus required for use in

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be brought together for study all the trees that will grow in the cli-

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New York to be used in aiding the introduction of nature teaching

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neath were deeply ulcerated. Several aphthss were observed

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age of the patient, her social condition, and the number

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ment, had been used at different times, previous to the occur-

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Pennsylvania. — Forest commissioner, Dr. J. T. Rothrock, chief, Harrisburg.

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complaints of drought in portions of the Carolinas. Rains caused marked

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planation of just what we are aiming to accomplish.

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Both collaborators and student assistants have been of marked

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dietary restrictions in a tuberculous affection. The

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Dr. John S. Fulton, 10 South street, Baltimore, secretary State board of health.

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Prof. W. O. Atwater in 1877, in the chemical laboratory of Wesleyan

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of food might be retained, those only will be taken, which a

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been in the habit of believing that some substances unassimi-

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claims, of having first practically demonstrated its safety and

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in its accomplishments than the one- which preceded it. The purpose

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Among other chance seedlings are the Ohio Everbearing, Catawissa,

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slightlv swollen, but no discharge, although first urine

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at an object, caused dizziness and pain in the head. She had

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ties reproduced uninterruptedly for several generations would cer-

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slightlv sore at the point of the injection. However, his

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