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in November, 1885, and during the same year Forbes experimented

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the disease which destroyed our illustrious countryman, does

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part of a crop. It will put within the power of the intelligent grower

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be supposed to exist as a muriate in this case, if any, would be

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American food products had ever been made. To make such inves-

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are upon meteorology and climatology, constituting one of the largest

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the wild gooseberry. A few years later Mr. Downing, of New York,

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is recommended throughout the "West, and while trials are being made with the

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the expanded vastus internus and vastus externus muscles.

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ments in growing special crops are carried on, and many new or little-

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ever, of an old method of arresting the paroxysms, and, conse-

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Association for 1881. Others followed in the footsteps of these pio-

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nervous irritations, and induces sleep without, in any manner,

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journals as early as 1873, but all related to European practices. A

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out. The early records of horticulture are almost entirely devoted to

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men built a strong foundation. They grafted stock on hardy roots.

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against injurious insects have been advanced; but no one has had to

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mal pathology was commenced. Previous to that time there had

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University, at the instance of Prof. S. F. Baird, Secretary of the

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* * * If the hay production in the United States, as a result of this effort in

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By this new departure the Department is merely arranging to meet

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Dr. Rush. In some other cases the pulse presented the idea,

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misunderstanding regarding their status as compared with that of the

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channels the public has been educated so as to understand its need

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mal dogs showed little change and rapid recovery. Doctor

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Such enactments, while they might not have been inefficient, were

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will occasionally ensue, if this practice be continued."

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tained, home-produced sorts vie in numbers with those from abroad.

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composition of feeding stuffs and fertilizers, injurious fungi, and

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more is necessary than measurement of the quantity employed. The

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Clinical Study of Hypercholesteremia. — Dr. H. B.

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monthly reports by the several States and Territories, and the con-

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existence. At first the bowl was filled with a "charge" of milk, the

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