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With regard to those subjects which divide the profession,

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with practical deductions, drawn from a close and constant aitention to this^

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Resoked, That in the death of Doctor Egan the State has lost

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the forerimners of modern philosophy : with the spirit of phy-

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invested. We have now about reached the limit of this sort of growth.

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punciure; par L. V. T. Berlioz, M.D. a la Cote Saint Audre- 8vo. Paris,

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five years the Paragon was produced. The Acme, Perfection, and

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The first table showing the comparative nutritive value of different

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tion was made in Bristol County, Mass., in 1790, where a farmer

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its course and spread it upon his lands. Only the labor of many indi-

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agricultural college of the State the connection has a beneficial influ-

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mechanical and chemical treatment in order to render their phosphoric

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III. Farmers' bulletins, divisional circulars, reprinted Yearbook articles, and

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other places, feeling personally interested in and recognizing the need

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neglected type, the type, at least, which is needed in our Western coun-

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ed, however, that in one case its effects were exfremely

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problem that faces every student of agricultural affairs who would

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wealthy institutions take them away by offering higher salaries, inter-

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may or may not cause a breakdown depending upon en-

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sides, denotes such a load of disease as is seldom recovered of.

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According to Boerhaave, a white, inodorous, light, uniform

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spirit that ran to fashion, and fashion meant "Pure Bates" and

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ves. Of these. 160 have had complete relief from syrnp-

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two short solitary tusks in the upper, eight grinders on each

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nitric organisms by means of culture plates composed of gelatinized

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detoxicated pneumococci given in immense doses (billions

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uted largely to the transformation under consideration. l

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ing experiments on the transfusion of bloody made by Dr.

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the r2th of February : — An apothecary's shopman being en-

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notable exceptions, such as the act recently repealed in the District

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history can equal the straggle made for place and position by our

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and modes of cure. In treating of dyspepsia, he has afforded

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special interest to the student of American grasses. In this work not

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In Charge of Pare Seed Investigations, Division of Botany.

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