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of every species of fruit will generally be better obtained by intro-

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to prevent the use of injections. The severe cases lasted

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average, from 32.8 minutes in 1830 to 2.2 minutes at the present time,

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A Review of Economic Ornithology in the United States. By T. S. Palmer. 259

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ders. A similar difference of opinion had existed in other countries,

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and no less than one hundred special investigators were devoting

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breed. Trace the history of the Shorthorn in America, and you will

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and pathology and bacteriology. The studies in vegetable physiology

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obstruction took place, before the fallopian impregnation, or in

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source of national development, the public highways.

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to collect and disseminate information on the road subject, to conduct

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had a livid complexion ; but no other symptoms of a diseased heart

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J F. C. Heeselbach, M.D. in Theatro Anatomica TVircebnrgensi Prosec-

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used curette, seventy a dull curette, nineteen a sharp

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and of the most careful and complex methods of plant breeding, have

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Burns had been recently delivered of a foetus; that they did

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the control of the States, and in fact could not be established or main-

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once begin to familiarize itself with new duties so

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resentatives of that class; to-day there are several better pole limas,

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near the 6re, till the time of her delivery. When she sat

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the forerimners of modern philosophy : with the spirit of phy-

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bited for the elixir of life, and the philosopher's stone. On

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In the foregoing brief outline of the main facts attending the de-

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* 20 years, would have amounted to 133,480 ; a number near-

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The Minnesota law is very similar in general effect, but there is

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ously with intensification of the fork or on listen-

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VI. Collecting albatross eggs on Laysan Island,H. I 270

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A considerable number of specimens of the flora of the coast region

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In the last quarter of the century several valuable hybrids have been^

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a southern malarial district, and his case was unique in

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and medical superintendent. Army Transport Service,

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natural history. Dr. James Rawlins Johnson has endeavoured

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the spread of right ideas about forestry, chiefly through its monthly

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Of the mineral acids, Davy states that phosphoric, sulphuric, muri-

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Silver nitrate is to be employed only if at a first trial this

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