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She described to us her symptoms as above, the circumstances

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obtained. Burbank's series of raspberry-blackberry hybrids are in

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him feel as if he were catching cold. The testicle had

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reports, after the standard, for both Puerto Rico and Cuba will be issued here-

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by John Nicholson, esq., published at Albany, N. Y., in 1814 [a sec-

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tailed Shrews of the Eastern United States. By Gerritt S. Miller, jr. —

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of the body increase, till they arrive at the middle point be-

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of San Francisco, has studied the height of the fundus

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American Devon Cattle Club.— L. P. Sisson, Newark, Ohio, secretary. 3

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in 1858, and professorships of agriculture were established about this

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!tc-«;i.-:c cp uu- 1- X iv- o ■ £5 -•$<■"* ■-*

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tities of its eggs are gathered for the use of the employees of the guano

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insoluble. He was the first who recommended the use of sulphuric

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which threatened the extinction of the citrus industry of the Pacific

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tility of the soil and of laying forever the specter of starvation, which

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thoroughness to enable the station to make a soil map of the whole

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to intercept the moisture and condense it into snow. Between these

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to the genllemen who are most interested in the result.

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as possible, the open seasons identical, and protection to be given

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were made available through the natural process of weathering, and,

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host of workers, our knowledge of the organisms of putrefaction and

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others, we shall have little reason to rely much on the mine

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easily accessible for reference through the card catalogue. It has also

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causes, and in many respects its treatment, are by no means

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argument, no listening to the voice of warning. If our breeders had

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had been particularly noticed by Dr. W. C. Wells^ whose ob-

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leries, sirup and sugar making from beets and potatoes, and other mat-

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ence as a mere coincidence. However, by 1861 the conviction that

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seems to have increased in importance until, in 1848, David Lan-

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great centers of cattle traffic were, consequently, continually infected.

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it like the arms in a cuirass. In a few days the rent skin

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value but we are of opinion, however, that neither the symptoms

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tle one, but that there seems to be something wrong;

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Pa., prior to Revolutionary times, and, according to Darlington, it

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