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Notwithstanding all the attending difficulties, the child grows
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The present methods of oiling the roads are yet in the experimental stage.
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As best adapted to our necessities, plans have been prepared for
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ress over by far the larger part of the United States.
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they were transferred to its control. The wisdom of maintaining them
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of American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations at San
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ledged that such efforts have been rare : that they have been
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from one abattoir to another the cars carrying them are sealed and
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it was the wealth of the mines or the migratory and adventurous
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and no less than one hundred special investigators were devoting
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1893 are published in " Commerce and Navigation of the United States," p. 690, 1899.
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other public institutions. A sample copy of this class of publications can usually
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The first questions were: How shall this difficult problem be
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dence in the university of Edinburgh, after reviewing the trial,
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Transactions. The evidence is strong in its favour, and it
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National Government; the number of entries in the following year
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can serve for litter. * * * A compost dunghill appears to him an
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areas which by this time had extended in all directions;
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jet been produced, nor from the present order of things is it
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strate that these cysts have dense parietes, fibrous externally,
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action, for in those men's minds there was undoubtedly a glimmering
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Assistant at the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital; Assistant
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surgical excision for treating the disease. This hope,
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Has a large join! been opened ? 4. Has the mortification
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thence southerly along the eastern boundary line of Virginia to the northeast cor-
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and of the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. Several of the more
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make our remarks on inanimate matter, which, at first, raises
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ply of the publications of this class is, therefore, limited and consequently has to
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such disease, and more especially its fatal termination, should
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