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and the vitreous humours of the human eye, are greater than

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brought about a general recognition of the fact that the old order of

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fact that the Department has been very much troubled with applica-

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farther than the bottom of the convolutions," an assertion at

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operation of lithotomy, which it may be useful to record. The

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successful short courses have been given at a few colleges in the sum-

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result is a dustless and nonabsorbent surface, which will turn rain water and

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incision made, and the urethra opened, the gorget was passed

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the inductive method, it was long before these teachings had their

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above referred to the secretary of the Interior cites

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in this country have worked on the improvement of wheat by selec-

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person who has not taken a degree of Bachelor of arts at

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understood, and this arose from the fact that the means of chemical

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somewhat, though not regularly, proportional. It is suggested that phosphoric

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be held in that city, June 17 to 20, 1913. Markoe, W.

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where the results have been negative, as forestalling future labor and

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living in cities and towns of 8,000 or more was 3.35 per cent of the

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or excretions it was disseminated by the affected animal. It might

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the recommendations of the Department with reference to rotation of crops and

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much diminished. Even if no further progress were made in the

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ized in several States, notably in Maine, Massachusetts, New York,

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me the following al o^ about seventy-one years old, whogav^

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number collected by ourselves, but have not analyzed

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Division II. Metals ivhich cannot be reduced by charcoal

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Chairman, F. H. Peckham, jr., Providence County; E. R. Lewis, Washington

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Bryant and Loomis, 1 from which the above facts have been mainly

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point," published in your Journ.^l of June 14, 1913, there is

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infrequent, and when patient did wink there was incomplete

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or the basis of silex, among the acidifiable metals. The general

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more cures are recorded than is possible where older

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an exceedingly valuable berry in England, its place of origin, it failed

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pasture and forage crops on the worn-out farms of the East should be undertaken;

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tion in 1884, and whose work was almost entirely on the diseases of

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Seed and Plant Introduction, about which we desire further informa-

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tion for continuing it. The relation of birds to agriculture is so intri-

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the purely cooperative plan. All these plans are varied and modified

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