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large orders to New York. In the month of August our butter exports

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drop of red blood followed its expulsion. The uterus contract

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tural Society at Boston, with 900 volumes, but they are not sufficient

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in some of the Southern States. The week was highly favorable for spring wheat

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sufficient relaxed. But this is a fault which is corrected by

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William Haines, 52 years of age, was admitted into St.

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of pulmonary tuberculosis, all in the advanced stage,

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only 3 per cent of the total food, and most of the corn destroyed was

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in the manufacture and preparation of manures, but the nature of

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Pure PotHsh, on an easier mode of procuring, by J. F. Dana, M. D. 245

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ing of roads in the District of Columbia, in national cemeteries, and

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the danger is increased when it happens in the arteries more

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M. J. R. Jacquelin-Dubuisson.J On the same subject, Dr.

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internal part. In the instrument with the single curve, this is

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preparation of the nitrogen compounds on which plants in general

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Providence, R. I., there are probably not less than 10 acres of glass,

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Granite State Dairymen's Association. — Secretary, J. L. Gerrish, Contoocook.

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on the San Jose scale, curculio, and codling moth, inasmuch as they have no ter-

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cystic symptoms after operations. Renal infection is

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for small carts. These highways were, except in dry weather, practi-

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observations wifh my own. Nor have I omitted to read the

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rals. This superiority, indeed, is generally known, and will

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from them, in that time, for a longer interval than half an hour

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[To the Editors of the New-England Journal of Medicine, &c.]

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Practical forestry has not yet been introduced on any State forest

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A timid use of this remedy is to be deprecated. It often

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rally took for his model the work of Lawes and Gilbert at Rothamsted,

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American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations, at Wash-

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bale as high as $3 and $4 per pound, although the proportion of these

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source of science would occasionally penetrate through the

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