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and keeping the members interested is so much toward increasing
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table shows the rates, in cents, for 100 pounds of a variety of merchan-
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other branch of the subject, which comprises researches into the laws
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electrical state. He observes that, during the prevalence oC
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Section 2d contains cases of anasarca, &c. from mercury.
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drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol for emergency contraception
'* The man being laid on his face with the calf of the leg
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united in the same proportions, we find it encumbered with
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it is not within our province to recount. Their influence was wonder-
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long as we acknowledge the right and the morality of raising animals
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used curette, seventy a dull curette, nineteen a sharp
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following extracts are made from the censuses of 1840 and 1890, to
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offer provided for the preparation of working plans, with full direc-
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which attends the burning of bones by the destruction of the nitrog-
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in which it lived. Beef or pork, generally salted, salt fish, dried
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The rates for carrying passengers have not decreased in proportion
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powers of- the two forms of virus under varying conditions. The spore
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ated only once in twenty-four hours ; pulse quick and small ;
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back upon except the faulty filings which were originally posted on
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trade to great embarrassment abroad, in cases where it cer-
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becomes horizontal, the head resting, I will suppose, on the
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brated philosophical farmer, lately living in Switzerland, known by
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We would not accuse the Professor of plagiarism ; but the following
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reputations, are usually selected as institute woi'kers by the officers
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does not follow when one is in demand the other follows suit. Con-
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recorded in the books of this association or to the Scotch book.
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ter and glucose for honey. The food value of oleomargarine and of
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of these men grow only one or two varieties, and in 1890 they made
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animals, subject to the approval of the inspectors of the Bureau.
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ditches at Lascruces, N. Mex., have an unbroken record of three
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No. 6 of the Division of Botany. An enumeration of the grasses of
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sive as to prove fatal. It is wonderful, thatfroni Hippocrates
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particularly to Zoology. The only question is, whether dis-
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sheep and cattle and of the methods of making Stilton and Cheshire
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laws of the State, to receive such protection and assistance as would
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mares; date of first entry, December 30, 1889. Registration fees: To members,
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but it served as the basis of an attack upon an erroneous theory which
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ality of Mr. Edward H. Harriman, of New York, Avho fitted up an expe-
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