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when the solid mass is broken, its crystals may be observed in
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has saved much more distress than it has caused and which is essen-
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telephone to about 1,000 centers of distribution, thence by telephone,
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symptoms resembling hyperthyroidism. Administration of
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appropriate applications. For this purpose the following sub-
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and sold during the census year were 819,722,916 dozen. The poultry
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substance between them : " for if the heart be boiled for a
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agriculture is evidenced not only by his letters but by his message to
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assistance had been asked of the Division of Forestry was more than
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surgical pathological laboratories to furnish the data
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ed the opinions of both these eminent men. He admits that
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be dangerous, and even fatal. He cut off the heads of eight
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Dairy Bureau. — Assistant executive officer, George M. Whitaker, Box 1332,
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literature where the methods of discovering these adulterations can
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Average import price of agricultural products imported into the United States
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the European varieties. Accordingly, we find that our first varieties
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functions of plant life consist rather in the elaboration of these
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In the matter of hog cholera and swine plague, the administrative
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to be organized, while graduate courses of instruction and research
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of the existence of the embryon, there is no placenta, and
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question that appeared possible of solution had reference "to the extent
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Year by year the illustrations increased in number and quality, and
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Thus, it may be said that the investigations of the stations comprise
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corn, taking a fine white sort as the original. He used essentially the
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from personal observation, a great number of prognostics of
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Corps, and will then proceed to Benicia .\rsenal, Beni-
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"plain condensed milk" was first introduced and put upon the mar-
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edge and the most careful research. With the aid of these standards the
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one hundred and twenty-five species and thirty-three varieties.
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of the chronic arthritides, and the exact diagnosis jnust
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of hydatids, extending along the branches of the plexus choro-
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artery, are away ? Have the minute short ligatures any other
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farther from the waterways, but the expense of carrying produce to
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pendius account of the ways and methods in which the most impor-
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value, methods of manuring and cultivation, and the best varieties
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part of the wall of the silo, and it is said to compare favorably with
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the age of thirty years, eighteen had children and fifteen

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