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gelatinous consistence, recovered. It will be recollected that
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over vast areas of a new territory with a rapidly growing population
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rare, feeble and short, oftentimes become extremely powerful,
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beginning of the century, a much earlier date than is generally sup-
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ed in these pursuits ; with what zeal they advance through
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from being confounded wi(h tho^e of otlier parts. The lurrji-
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in their scope; the work on range improvement should be continued
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so many celebrated names, was grossly dejicient.^^ I can
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part of the central and western portions of the cotton belt, the condition of cotton
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I caused the pointed blade to penetrate the iris, leaving the
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It was fortunate that at this juncture the national leader who
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in order to gather sufficient clinical data to afford
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requirements left it, this committee first suggested that the following
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wheel trucks, the cost of transportation will be reduced, but not to a
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surrounding this contracted part of the vessel, buried in, and
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it must be relinquished. Such are soi^e of the remarks of
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June $6. — Over much the greater part of the country the weather conditions of
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only where there is a good laboratory in connection.
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before or after death. They also made thirty-four inoculations, using
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nual meeting of the American Medical Association to
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rowing; a farmer slaughtered an old cow, perhaps, and distributed
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such a state of disease, could afford her permanent relief.
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described in Farmers' Bulletin No. 108, which is devoted exclusively to
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with wooden stringers, to which the iron rails were fastened.
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was firm. When the ventricles were opened, there appeared,
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whom the three springs, now known by the names of Fiat
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is present. But the arsenious acid may be discovered by the
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breaking into the breeding districts of the West, slowly, it is true,
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elected for the ensuing year : Chairman. Dr. E. Gustav
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birds and wild animals should be employed, the most reasonable and perfect rules
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stridulous breathing. I proceeded to bleed it ad deliqiiium*
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cessful treatment of pueiperal convulsions. This consists in
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Geelong, who had bought for slaughter the experimental bullocks,
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regarding the practice of his art shall be brought to the test of rigid
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City, which should be a special medium of intercommunication and
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It was early observed that certain varieties of corn were more

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