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trous failures in grape culture between 1850 and 1860, when mildew

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First, economic, or applied, agrostology; second, scientific, or system-

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Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ten-

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similated to an uniform mass." We acknowledge that we have

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The Minnesota law is very similar in general effect, but there is

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In November, 1836, the French war department undertook to have

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latter accompany nervous diseases, perhaps more communiy

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5 l- l- i- o 3 = S ?t 5 c? = l- x~ = c5o"?i^3;^2*; — i~ cx??S?n?^ ">

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valuable with peas, vetches, lentils, oats, rye, and tobacco. Its most

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unless it is placed in such a region that its inac-

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six have vindicated their claims to a name or place — and not more

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afBnity for ttie acid. At Ibis temperature, however, the indi-

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of the following classes: Vegetable cutters and crushers, 701; ferti-

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through the cooperation of farmers in many of the States. McBryde

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Cotton. — A pamphlet published in London in 1609 predicts that

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extensively grown in Indiana, Ohio, and other places, is probably his

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inoculating guinea pigs or other creatures in order to make a diagno-

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of the North, and central Mississippi valleys suffered from excessive rains, and

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stock yards, cars, boats, and other vehicles of transportation lines,

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food for eight hours. In less than a minute the animal appeared

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inaugurated the new science of agriculture, resting upon his investi-

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sponding periods of former years. The large tables show departures from normal

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railroad builders. A roadbed was first graded as nearly level as pos-

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A study of Danish imports from the United States shows that that

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produced by the establishments in question. Some references have

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of the attention of 47 stations, including investigations in systematic

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nonmembers, $2.50. Entries of ancestors to complete pedigrees, $1. Entries of

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ing to note that forty years ago the same plea was made regarding

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societies, have joined in an effort to secure legislation to make it a

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he gets a cold, he has a sensation about the ear, in a small

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