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have been clear and satisfactory. The measures formulated in har-
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Indiana Horticultural Society, 1900. — President. C. M. Hobbs, Bridgeport; sec-
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agent employed, and all patients are w-arned beforehand
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duced direct into the alimentary canal, was not dangerous.
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In the matter of tree planting and conservation on a small scale, Indiana has
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the opinion that the statement is as complete and correct as is possible to be made.
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toms of the anthrax and blackleg tumors, but he apparently did not
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In spite of all the progress made, however, it was found that the
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suspected decomposition had commenced before they were
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lation has been enacted, and no one cause has begun to operate so
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securitj^, it is preferable to besmear tlie edge with some glue,
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determine ; but, as the solid salt is more effective in tbe pre-
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it does not differ from other specific diseases, all of which are
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registry: American-bred animals whose sires and dams are recorded in American
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The West Indian Hurricane of August 7-14, 1899. Storm Bui 1 2, 500
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removed. The necrotic bone was curetted and the wound
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may be allowed the expression, a mathematical knowledge of
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tion of the faculty in the mode which they shall point out.
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treated by this method. The mother of the boy, naturally,
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might be prevented by inoculation with the virus of cowpox, and that
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amination, appeared ralher to defeat than promote the humane
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ers are readers. They have proved themselves capable of under-
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well be the subjects of practical scientific investigations at our hands.
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public health, and serves a more useful purpose than
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oldest edition de luxe of any botanical work in existence ; The Flowers
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According to Brewster, the last important nesting in Michigan took
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although it is sometimes necessary to temporize, and to do
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complications in labor, and only four had relapse following
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of cautious reasoning are cultivated, new elements will be
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summon persons to assist in putting out or checking the fire, and no
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• — Unless the above queries can be answered affirmatively, cy-
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