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trained rangers. A certain amount of mature poplar has been lum-

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There is one prominent feature in the agricultural development

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The publication of Dr. Harris's first paper was followed by a con-

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reached the heart, entirely unfit to stimulate it to a healthy

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of his work on agricultural chemical analysis in 1809. At that time

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disease in his knee; the inflammation is cured, but tumor and

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after his name and report in person to the command-

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rapidity with which most organisms multiply and their extremely

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between these different classes of animals when they reached their

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Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana. In northern Texas considerable replanting was

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page 377", partly extracted from Thomas's " Modern Practice

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progress of forestry in the United States and of the practical appli-

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these islands now has a keeper who is paid to protect the terns.]

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lan on behalf of the American Association for the Advancement of

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the water, to begin anew the circle of life. The present era, there-

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must be removed." These opinions are illustrated by several

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ous affection of mouth for three years which interfered

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as to lead to the suspicion of this disease being contagious ;

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birds and game and agreed to urge its adoption by the l'espective State

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a useful amendment. The commissioner of forestry has received added author-

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■Among the contributors maybe mentioned Hon. J. W. Alsop, M. D., 1. E.

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among the earliest being Mr. J. S. Learning, who began in the early

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for, as Parsons says, our supply of radium is rapidly

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Kesoked, That the vigilant zeal of Doctor Egan in his official

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insufficient aeration of the soil, or other similar conditions occur, dis-

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parasites or succumb to unfavorable conditions of food and surround-

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inactivity of some of the glands of the body, and the

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The working out of practical methods and apparatus for the rapid

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unless supported by public sentiment. The appointment of salaried

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those guardians of the public health who think unfavourably

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LIV. Fig. 1.— The first irrigation. Fig. 3.— A later irrigation : 593*

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cial support of the State Sugar Planters' Association.

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applications of that class aggravated the disease. Mercurial

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without any attempt to wipe them away, are a bad omen ;

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Vermont Atwood Club Register. — George Harnruond, Middlebury , Vt. , secretary.

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